CALM and CALM Care -accredited by Suicide Prevention Australia

CALM – Connect-Ask-Listen-Monitor

* Accredited by Suicide Prevention Australia

An Australian workshop that teaches you how to “have a conversation” with somebody who may be thinking of ending their life.

This one-day workshop CALM (Connect, Ask, Listen, Monitor) aims to start a conversation about suicide; provide you with the tools to recognise the warnings signs that somebody may be suicidal and then to ask about suicide; enable you to have a safe and intentional conversation if the answer is yes.  It will also give you the resources to develop a safety plan and then link them into services or supports post your conversation if required.  Most importantly it will teach you how to stay CALM when having this conversation. We deliver the training in a supportive, respectful and inclusive environment,  accepting each individual’s differences, with consideration and adaptation for their culturally diverse needs.

You will learn:

How to recognize signs that someone may be thinking suicide

How to have a CALM conversation and build trust

How to ask about suicide

How to talk about stressors and concerns

How to empower and reconnect a person to themselves and  their lives

How to assist identifying options other than suicide

How to develop a safety plan and link a person to supports and services.

The CALM model to guide you through four stages of an intervention

A 24-page Workbook and wallet card including knowledge and skills to guide you through all stages of the conversation, including a list of National Helplines and Websites in Australia.

The “Be Calm” app that you can use during an intervention when you are supporting someone

The “Be Safe” app or worksheet for the person needing hope to create and record their safety plan

Reading material to further your learning and development

A printed certificate of attendance

Presented by fully accredited and qualified trainers

An Australian evidence-based program underpinned with therapeutic strategies that are proven to work.


1/2 Day  Workshop for everyone

Suicide is preventable…

Learn the simple steps of checking in

with someone who might not be doing

so well and need your help.

A conversation can save a life.

Suicide is preventable…

Oftentimes there are subtle signs that someone is struggling with life and when these feelings become unbearable, they may start thinking that suicide is their only option. This half-day CALM C-A-R-E program teaches you how to be suicide aware and recognise when someone may be thinking about ending their life. This workshop will help you recognise the subtle warning signs that are often missed or overlooked, how to approach them, make a connection and know what to say. Above all it will equip you to confidently put your hand up when someone is signalling the need care. This is an evidence and lived experience informed program.

What you will learn:-

how to approach the person and make a connection

how to determine if suicide is in their thoughts

what to do about it, to ensure the person’s safety is addressed and they are protected from suicide

how to use the ‘Calm Care’ app so that support is ongoing for the person as they work through their pain and distress

What you will receive:- 

A 16-page booklet packed with information and examples of helpful responses and practical questions to ask at any stage of the conversation.

Your workbook lists all relevant National helplines and websites in Australia.

You will be given access to the ‘Calm Care’ app which will provide the person you are supporting with a tool   they can use at anytime they are feeling vulnerable to connect to their supports, and provide automated messaging when they are in crisis.

You will be given a printed certificate of attendance that you can proudly put on display.

You will have access to materials on the website to further your learnings and development

This is an evidence-informed program that is based on the very latest research and is focussed on providing life-saving connections for someone when they are feeling their most vulnerable.