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Why is mental health training required in all organisations?

Across all workplaces, an average of 20 % of employees may be suffering with mental health problems and many silently suffering and reluctant to seek help. This is largely attributed to the stigma around mental illness which often results through lack of knowledge about mental health. This can have a significant impact on the culture, working environment and productivity of the workplace.

Training can greatly improve your work environment

Managers, leaders and colleagues may misunderstand behaviours their staff exhibit, leading to an uncomfortable working environment. Learning some basic mental health literacy, raising awareness and where to go for help for different problems through interactive educational workshops ranging from 2 hours to a 2 days, can greatly improve staff confidence and the overall work environment.

In workplaces where direct contact with customers is required, communicating with angry or distressed customers can also be be very challenging for staff. See

Whats included in the training

We talk about signs, symptoms and treatment of various mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. How to approach people you think may have mental health issues and where to go for help. We can include problems with alcohol and drug use with interesting data and trends, why people use drugs and treatments for drug addiction. Its really up to you to tell us what you need.

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